A 2.5D fps of sorts about resource management and shooting aliems.
You must divert your limited energy between 5 ship parts to defeat the enemy's flying city and claim victory against the Nodevious!


Numbers 1-5 select abilities,
Mousewheel up & down adds or removes power from selected ability (more power, faster cooldown)
Left click uses the selected ability

1. Plasma shot - basic damage dealer
2. Laser - high damage piercing shot
3. Missile - able to break small energy shields
4. Shield - automatically consumes a full charge to absorb damage.
left click fires EMP, destroying nearby enemies and taking out energy shields.
5. thruster - boosts your speed briefly, allowing you to chase down the enemy's flying city

W key toggles waves, you may want to turn them off to improve performance.

Programming : @iyashi_kei, @blankthevidya
Art & Music: @blankthevidya
Sounds : @iyashi_kei

The bulk of the game was made over three days for Ludum Dare 31. It has since been polished up a bit.


Nodevious_win.zip 7 MB

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